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GIF Animator: How to ADD text to the existing frames?

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GIF Animator: How to ADD text to the existing frames?

Postby nazz » Thu Jan 05, 2006 4:49 am


When I add banner text to an image sequence, it (to me) behaves erratically. Even though I check off "distribute to frames" it still generates a ton more frames instead of just adding the text to the existing ones. What am I doing wrong? This has always bothered me about an otherwise good program. Thanks for any help you can kick down with.

Postby VikingAnimations » Thu Jan 05, 2006 6:05 am

Firstly, when you're making the banner text, have a look at the effect tab in the banner text box. If you have both Enter and Exit scene checked, add those up. That's how many frames your banner text needs. If you have 10 Enter and 10 Exit, that's 20 frames.

If your animation doesn't have that many frames, GA 5 will add enough frames to be able to do the banner text. If you had a 10-frame animation, GA 5 will add another 10. This assumes you had Frame 1 selected when you added the banner text...

If you had 10 frames to start with, had Frame 10 selected when you added the banner text, it's going to add another 19 frames...

See also

Hope that helps!
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