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How to position a TKinter UI window

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How to position a TKinter UI window

Postby dangelic0 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:19 am

I am a reasonably capable scripter but I could not find any mechanism to position a UI dialog box created using TKinter and StartForeignWindow

It always seems to be in the upper left

Looked at various online resources. Any hints would be much appreciated

Using PSP 2019, Windows10

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Re: How to position a TKinter UI window

Postby LeviFiction » Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:43 am

Use the geometry method and only include the position elements.

Setting the exact pixel coordinate on the screen is very simple. In the init method of your TKinter class, or any time before the mainloop() really.

The geometry() method takes a string with the format 'widthxheight+x+y' if you leave out the 'widthxheight' portion you only nee to pass in '+x+y'. In these examples we'll use the string formatter "%" symbol to fill in the string with the appropriate values. But anything that does this is fine. For example '+' + str(x) + '+' + str(y) would be perfectly acceptable. And depending on your version of PSP so would '+{}+{}'.format(x,y).

Code: Select all

In this example I've created a custom class based on the Frame class. And in my init method the default attribute "master" points to the root window. If you've set your root window manually you would just use that variable.

Code: Select all
root = Tk()

So, let's say, for example, that I wanted the upper left hand corner of the dialog to appear at the center of my screen. I can use the winfo_screenwidth and winfo_screenheight commands to calculate where the center of my screen is. Then enter that as the x and y of my window.

Code: Select all
x = self.master.winfo_screenwidth()/2
y = self.master.winfo_screenheight()/2

In this example I'm still in the init method of my class, so I don't yet know how large he geometry manager is going to make my dialog so I don't take that into account at all. Though I could figure this out by calling self.master.update_idletasks() then check self.master.winfo_width() and self.master.winfo_height() at the end of my init class.
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