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Problems Converting???

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:52 pm
by bill in pa
Problem with DVD burn stage each time I
get to this step a message box tells me
problems with converting. I didn’t know
that I am converting anything, as all
files are the same; mpg format. Lost
again! help.

Re: Problems Converting???

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:14 pm
by Ken Berry
Hi Bill. I'm afraid we need more information about your workflow. When you finish editing do you go straight to Share > DVD or do you go to Share > MPEG-2 and choose one of the first four presets which are DVD-compatible?

If you go to Share > DVD, then when the burning module opens, the project file (.vsp) is inserted automatically into the burning timeline. But the VSP file is NOT video. It is merely a small text file telling Video Studio what is in the project, where the video is stored and what has been done to it in the editing. It then has to be converted into DVD-compatible mpeg-2 as part of the burning process, and this sometimes causes problems with messages such as the one you are getting.

We usually recommend in such cases that you go instead to Share > MPEG-2 and choose one of the DVD-compatible templates there (one with a maximum bitrate of 8 Mbps and a frame size of 720 x 480 for NTSC and probably 16:9). If you choose any of the other templates with higher bitrates and frame sizes, these will not be DVD-compatible and will also need to be converted to DVD-compatibility if you produce an mpeg-2 from it and insert that in the burning module.

(The above assumes that your project is an hour or less long. If it is longer, then you would need to go to Share > Custom, and ensure the format is mpeg-2 and the frame size is 720 x 480. But you would need to reduce the bitrate from the maximum of 8 Mbps. A 90 minute project would need a bitrate of 6000 kbps, and two hours would require 4000 kbps -- but of course the quality drops off with each reduction in bitrate.)

Re: Problems Converting???

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:40 am
by bill in pa
Hi Ken,

Your advice was correct. The scenario that
you described was exactly what I was doing. Going
right Share DVD. After following your instructions, I had
no difficulty at all. The only thing that did appear different
was the size of the cards/tabs inside the DVD production.
Things like menus or no menu, marking chapters.
The menus contained on those was much smaller than they
normally are displayed, or was this because I made changed the
mpg’s settings like PFS, frame size. I try to not to introduce anything to
complicated into the DVD characteristics’, trying to leave as much
pristine film as possible so as not to destroy the quality of the film itself

Regards, and thanks for being there,

bill in pa