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Videostudio x4 problems

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Videostudio x4 problems

Postby lerdy » Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:32 am

Hi, I'm Lerdy and have been a user of Videostudio for about 5 years already. 7, 9, x2, x4 respectively

But this will be the first time I will be posting here because of certain inconveniences
One I've edited a debut video for my friend... consisting of 5 videos... from different people
After having finished the editing... I burned it through videostudio... approx 4.1GB
The video started rendering the title of the video for about 3days! Imagine! Was acceptable... and I am no joking 3 days... I could send you a picture but the time elapsed timer resets after 24 hours
So yeah it took 3 resets before the video even started to burn through my dvd-r

After the long wait it was finished... I was contented knowing that it was finished
But sad to say... when I played the 5 videos... 3/5 videos sounded like chipmonks... :(
Imagine waiting for 3 days and the audio had problems...
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Re: Videostudio x4 problems

Postby skier-hughes » Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:29 am

Bit hard to work it out from that info.
I suspect that the files you are originally using are not quite compatible with VS, you may find converting them to another format works better.
What are all the file types?
Is it the same file type that is causing the trouble?
Did you add any music etc?
What are your pc specs?
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Re: Videostudio x4 problems

Postby Ron P. » Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:01 pm

Welcome to the forums, :)

I certainly would not have waited that long for a DVD to burn. 3 days has got to be the record for burning a disc, and you have an amazing amount of patient.. :) Without any information we can only guess as to why. Please go to the sticky at the top of this forum titled, Please Read this First Before Posting and provide the necessary information. Also complete your system specs in the Profile tab of your User Control Panel, as this may have a lot to do with why it took so long.

DVDs, which are Standard-Definition (SD) require using nothing but MPEG-2, which must meet the International DVD Specifications. So when VS starts to burn your disc it will first ensure that the video files being used meet those specs, if not it will convert or recode them. If you're using some highly compressed formats such as DivX, Xvid, MPEG-4 these are going to take longer depending on your PC's power.

If you're using hi-def video, such as AVCHD, and you don't have at least a high-end Dual core processor, if not a quad-core, then it will be a real long wait, and may not even complete.

Other things that can pose problems is mixing video files together that have different field orders. DV (avi) video uses Lower Field First, while most all MPEG-2 video files are Upper Field First.
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