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failure to build an MPEG capture graph

Postby Ken Berry » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:18 am

And Grainne_C, just to clarify one point. You said you "only bought the ULead package in Dec 05/Jan 06...and at that point it was brand new in the shop..." Well what must have been new was the package containing the capture device. VS6 is far from new and was released five years or more ago.

It is a shame that hardware manufacturers do not include a slightly more up to date version with their goods. I can't imagine it would cost them very much. A case in point: a month or so ago I bought a new Firewire card for A$20 (about US$15). It came bundled with a full version (not a crippled SE version) of VS8. Not the latest by any means, but at least this time only 2 years or so old. And other hardware manufacturers are bundling their wares with VS9SE and, I understand, some even with the SE version of VS10.
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