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No Burner Exists

No Burner Exists

Postby CliveM » Tue May 21, 2019 5:38 pm

Hi, I'm using VS X9. I've just created a project as a VSP with a number of .mpg clips on the timeline, rendered it (MPEG2 option) and saved the result as an .mpg. Then create a new .VSP project with blank timeline, go to "Create DVD", then attempt to create a disk image as .ISO (create to disk unchecked) and immediately get error message of "No Burner Exists". I've encountered this problem before! A few months ago I looked in the forum to see the problem has been around for a while and experienced by quite a few users. I also found a reply which resolved the problem - something to do with Settings/Preferences and Working Folder I think? Stupidly, I didn't make a note of what the solution was - and now, when I've tried to re-find the thread, I can't! Serves me right for not making a note of the answer! Help please. Thanks, Clive PS - I'll upload a screenshot of the offending error to help you see all my settings and exactly where I am in the programme.
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Re: No Burner Exists

Postby Davidk » Fri May 24, 2019 12:46 am

I am not sure how the setting for a working folder (where temporary processing results are stored, useless after the process - whatever it is - is complete) may affect to use of a burner, but . . assuming there is plenty of storage space available, there are 2 places in VS to set a working folder:
- one is in the main settings/preferences item, which is for the main editor program.
- second, in the disk burner module. The bottom of the panel, the are 4 icons. The most LH one has a working folder setting item in it, and this is for the disk burn application.
As a practice, I make these 2 the same location, on a logical drive which is physically separate from the C; drive. Never had the reported problem.
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Re: No Burner Exists

Postby CliveM » Fri May 24, 2019 10:57 am

Hi David, thanks for reply. I realised yesterday that my recollection of this problem arising a few months ago was faulty. I know I've encountered this "No Burner Exists" error in the past, but in fact this was a couple of years ago. The problem I hit a couple of months back was in fact with an error message saying something like "File may be write protected" - and the solution (if I remember correctly!) was to do with the output/destination file details being incorrect. So - my original post a few days ago on May 22 confused the issue by referring to Settings/Prefs/Working Dir etc. I continued to get this issue until on Wednesday, got fed up and burnt a DVD using totally different software. Then this morning, I wondered if maybe the VSP I'd created was corrupt. So created a new VSP (blank timeline etc, usual procedure for creating a disc), set settings to create an image .ISO file and Bingo! no problem! So whoopee, except to prove that original VSP was corrupt, I then restored the original VSP file from a routine backup which ran last night. Wouldn't it have been just great if this had then caused the blasted "No Burner Exists" message to re-appear, pretty well proof positive that the problem would have been with some random corruption in the original VSP. But no - it now runs perfectly with the original VSP file! So I've no idea what's happening - which of course is worrying, as this means it'll probably re-appear at some point again in the future. Does anyone think it's worth me raising this with Corel technical support? If so, how do I contact them - do I need a support subscription or something? The error message "No Burner Exists" is clearly erroneous - obviously, if I'm not trying to write to a physical disc, but merely trying to create a .ISO image file, then VS should not even be looking for an optical device, let alone then protesting that there isn't one! Anyone got any ideas, or should I just try to take this up with Corel? Thanks again, Clive
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