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Beta Version for Testing

Postby cwcopley on Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:08 pm

The development team has been working on an update to AfterShot Pro for the last several months. We would like to get general feedback on this beta version prior to its general availability to the public. If you are willing and able to provide feedback to us, you are welcome to give it a test drive. Interested in providing feedback? Check out what it is new and what we’re asking you to do before downloading the beta version below.

This updated version includes a number of additional cameras, bug fixes and a new feature that enhances processing speed by using OpenCL. This means that if you have an OpenCL V1.1 compatible GPU accelerated graphics card, some of the image processing will be handled by that hardware and you will generally see a speed improvement especially in batch image processing. Depending on your Camera RAW files and hardware configuration, you may find that this speeds up processing a great deal.

Don’t know if you have this hardware? Install the software and it will check your configuration for you. You will need to insure that you have the latest OpenCL V1.1 drivers for your graphics card from the card creators website installed. If your card doesn’t support OpenCL V1.1, sorry, you won’t be able to use this specific feature but you will still be able to test to make sure this version of working well for you.

You’ll find a new preference that allows you to turn Hardware Acceleration on, please give it a try and let us know what it does for your batch output speed. You will want to compare output speed per image with and without OpenCL enabled and at different utilization levels to determine what it does on your system. Remember to close and re-launch the application when you change this preference and always test on the same set of files for a good comparison between options.

Our only requirement here is that if you give this version a try you will send us information about your experience via the feedback link below. Specifically, let us know what graphics card you are using, what kind of camera you use, any plug-ins that are active, what kind of batch speed improvement you see for the different settings, and if you run into any specific errors or if it works well. We also want to know if everything works fine for you even if you don't have OpenCL available. Either way, please use the feedback link below to let us know about your experience.

Download Beta build v1.1.0.28 here:
Please send feedback via this page:

As always, we appreciate your feedback on AfterShot Pro - enjoy!

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