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"No scanner found" in PSP8

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Re: "No scanner found" in PSP8

Postby Simone Corel UK » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:08 am

PSPX4 is a 32-bit program. Please launch PSPX8 as 32-bit program and see if the scanner is found.

Back then, I didn't say it was a Windows issue, but most drivers were no real TWAIN drivers. Most scanner manufacturers offer a 64-bit workaround.
PSP asks Windows -> Windows checks if there is a TWAIN driver -> TWAIN says yes/no -> Windows goes back to PSP and informs if TWAIN is available or not.

Twain website is down currently, so the twackers are not available. Running them would help to see if TWAIN detects the 64-bit scanner.
Twack_32.msi: ... ack-32.msi
Twack_64.msi: ... ack-64.msi
I work for the Corel UK Support. I will not give technical support through this forum and my answer is only related to this thread.
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Re: "No scanner found" in PSP8

Postby Greybeard1952 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:45 am

I also found the 64 bit PSP X8 would not recognise the scanner in my Fuji Xerox Multi Function laser thing a me.
Yes I have tried installing the latest Fuji 64 bit drivers, to no avail.
Curiously the 32 bit version of PSP X8 has no problem at all recognising the same equipment.
I am running Win 10 Pro.
As the late Professor Julius Sumner Miller was known to often postulate..... Why is it so?
Any ideas, or do I resort to using the 32 bit PSP for scanning and the 64 bit for editing etc ?
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